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Date of Withdrawal: 01-Jan-2014
Plan No. 185
  • Ideally suited for meeting Marriage or Education cost of children
  • Money Back in installments at periodic intervals
  • Premium Waiver Benefit: All balance premiums waived if parent dies before the premium paying term
  • Free Insurance cover is provided for 7 years after the expiry of policy term -No premiums are payable during the Extended term of plan
  • Life Cover: Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (as applicable)
Eligibility Criteria
Age 0 12
Term 11 27
Sum Assured 1,00,000 10000,000
Premium Modes Yly, Hly, Qly, SSS
Yearly Premium for 10,00,000 Sum Assured
Proposer Age is consider 25 years
Child Age Term/PPT Term/PPT
20/15 20/6
5 63562 122460
6 63611 122460
7 63611 122509